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Dear runners, Dear sports enthusiasts,

we wanted to get back to you before Easter, on the results of our first Rotary E-Run, the virtual Santa Claus Run. We were overwhelmed by the great popularity of the run. We really did not expect more than 450 registrations for the first edition. We think it’s great that many of you also found our charity to be a worthy cause and wanted to inform you that we were able to raise additional funds through your support.

Participants from Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Canada, South Africa and the USA showed in impressive fashion that a virtual run can bring the world together. A big thank you to the many running and even cycling communities that supported us.

This was a great project! ?

€ 8.250,- for the forgotten girls of St. Petersburg

Unfortunately, the donation handover ceremony had to take place virtually. The acting president of the Rotary E-Club Rhein Main International, Udo Peters, was able to present the result that we are very proud of: Help that arrives directly.

Especially the girls' facility in St. Petersburg has suffered in a special way from the restrictions and burdens caused by the Corona epidemic.

In any case, Mrs. Windisch de Lates from the Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V. was visibly happy.

(Video in german)

We will be in touch again in the coming autumn.

The Santa Claus Run should not remain a one-day wonder. As announced, we are planning to hold similar runs this year and in the years to come.

And every year we will do something good and support another charity project.

Stay with us, be happy and healthy!

Best wishes from the organizing team of the Rotary E-Club Rhein Main International

The purpose of our charity in 2020

Just like so many good deeds that refer to the legend of St. Nicholas of Myra, we want to support each and every year a different project. This year we have decided for the following project:


Saint Petersburg – Dr. Sereda rehab center for girls

Nobody takes care of these children:

The “Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V.” helps Dr. Sereda and his "lost girls".

Since its foundation the “Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V.” has been supporting projects for children in Saint Petersburg. Currently, the corona crisis also makes these projects much more difficult. Especially the project of Dr. Sereda in Saint Petersburg is highly affected by the pandemic.

Dr. Sereda and his team currently take care of about 25 girls aged between 7 and 17.

He devoted his life to take care of children nobody else keeps an eye on. We can’t imagine how these girls once had to live. There are so many people in Russia, especially in the cities, who did not survive the fall of the Soviet Union from a social perspective. Several families share one apartment, each family has only one room, regardless of the number of people. Often even divorced people have to continue living together.

One of the most serious social problems is family disruption - caused by household incomes below the subsistence level, inhumane living conditions, promiscuity and the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, and in recent years AIDS and psychological illness. The consequences are a frightening amount of neglections and abuses.

No one wanted to take care of these girls

In such situations those, who suffer are the kids. Many of them escape from their daily abuse and misery to the streets. On the streets the kids have to live in the worst conditions and infectious diseases like hepatitis and tuberculosis are part of their daily lifes. Many of them are HIV positive. Another reason why nobody wants to take care of these children, not the families neither any state home. Only Dr. Sereda invites them to his rehab center.

About 10 years ago, Dr. Sereda founded this rehab center specially to help young girls who were neglected and abused. They receive medical care & therapy. Their school development is supported and they get professional help with their social behavior. The center has its own doctors, psychologists, teachers, a cook and many volunteer students. The girls can participate in different courses for handicraft, computers, dance courses etc. in the rehab center.

Dr. Sereda wants to give the girls a part of their childhood back. They should learn, they are important and there are people who want to help them to master their personal problems. They will be prepared for a valuable and fulfilled life.

With infinite patience and affection, the team around the Russian doctor tries to heal these "lost girls”. And after some time, they cure and you can no longer see from the outside what they have gone through.

There is no more money for the rehab center

Corona made the financially strained situation even worse. Actually, the home would have been closed this summer. But because of the pandemic the girls were not able to go to their summer camps. They stayed at the center and were of course fed and taught. Now the budget has been used up and Dr. Sereda is forced to reduce many of the services and activities to a minimum.

Since September, the school has been back in full operation again, which means 3 meals a day, school lessons, room cleaning, psychological support, homework support, medication and learning social skills. Cultural activities are cancelled due to Corona.

Dr. Sereda urgently needs money for the caretakers, for food, for the maintenance of the home. Unfortunately, he does not receive any state support. That’s why he is so urgently depending on the help of donations and sponsors. The “Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V.” wants to support him.

Please help us, to support the lost girls of Saint Petersburg!

Please click on the website of the “Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V.” for further information:


Our running shirt

You can order our running shirt in the sizes XS, S, M, L and XL at the registration while stocks last. The shirt costs € 15,- including VAT. We ship it free of charge within the EU. Unfortunately, we can not ship outside the EU.



Do you want to support our project anyway?

Donations are highly appreciated. We promise to transfer 100% of your donation to the „lost girls in Saint Petersburg“.​

Please wire your donation to
Rotary E-Club Rhein-Main International
IBAN DE15 7956 2514 0007 2364 76

Thanks a lot for your support!